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We have visited numerous schools in the country, educating kids from primary year groups to sixth forms young adults. BruWILD's Eco-Edu Program is specially designed for primary and secondary school students. It can be used as a supplemental resource within the SPN21 curriculum with reference to the Cambridge GCE- 'O' and 'A' level Syllabus. Our aim is to engage students in environmental related topics and provide opportunities to put conservation principles into action and use.


These Eco-Edu Packages include complete visual presentation by our speakers, guided nature trips and group activities (indoor and outdoor).


As has been proven in many different settings, students can benefit substantially from these materials to create a better understanding of the topic and raising the awareness of the country's bio asset and natural heritage.

Little Eco Pahlawan

BruWILD has recently launched the Little Eco Pahlawan Project this year 2019. Little Eco Pahlawan entails a one year program where primary students undergo eight 2 hour activities over four selected themes on habitat protection and biodiversity conservation.  This Project provides a fun and educational introduction of our Brunei ecological habitats. Kids who have completed these activities will earn themselves the Little Eco Pahlawan title/lapel pin. 

This Project entails establishing a close collaboration and partnership with interested primary schools, we work closely with teachers to ensure the best for the school kids! If you'd like to know more about our Little Eco Pahlawan Project, please contact us.

A Natural Girl

Junior Xplorers

Nature Based Education

Nature Based Education

Watch Now


A 1-hr activity of guided nature walk in our beautiful Bruneian recreational forests. This activity is organised on an ad-hoc basis so be sure to check out our instagram for updates!


November Calendar (2022)

20th Nov - Tasek Lama

27th Nov - Tasek Lama

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