To celebrate our coastal and marine ecosystems, BruWILD has made two documentaries titled 'Tiny Heroes of Our Sea' and 'Mangroves of Brunei'. These documentaries showcase Brunei's biodiversity and remind viewers the importance of these ecosystems to our human livelihoods. Click on the videos below to learn more today! 


In line with our mission to increase awareness on biodiversity conservation in Brunei, we have taken efforts in collaborating with numerous talented people, naturalists, educational institutions and government bodies in producing eye-catching posters. To date, we have produced four posters; 'Snakes of Brunei', 'Frogs of Brunei', 'Lowland Birds of Brunei' and with our latest addition 'Snakes and Lizards of Brunei'. Click on the image below to download them for free!


Although we do give out these posters for free to local government schools, we are also selling them at eighteen dollars each ($18/ea) to fund raise for our next publication. Please email us to get your copy.

Snakes & Lizards of Brunei

Please click on the title below to download report.

Report & Rescue 5 Year Report (2014-2019)