BruWILD's Report & Rescue Project was first initiated in 2013. BruWILD works with the Wildlife Division, Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism in rescuing injured or stray wildlife, and where able, help release caged protected animals. 


Since the inception of this project, we have rescued various types of animals including slowloris, pangolins, numerous types of birds and reptiles. 

NEW! For more details of BruWILD's Report & Rescue Project (2014 - 2019), please download report here

This Project consists of three main phases:

1. Phase I: Activate a RESCUE HOTLINE - DONE!

Back in 2013, there was no hotline for public members to contact us or the authority when they came across injured wildlife or if they find any illegal sales of protected animals. In order for us to connect and work with the public members, BruWILD successfully launched our hotline (+673 712 7379) in 2014 and has been active ever since. 

2. Phase II: Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Training - DONE!

Having a hotline was not enough; although BruWILD consists of biologists with diverse background of expertise, we did not have the appropriate skills to rescue and rehabilitate wildlife. Ecological work experience and theoretical knowledge were simply not enough. 

To solve this problem, we have undergone wildlife rescue and rehabilitation training conducted by the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council (IWRC). Today, trained BruWILD members carry out wildlife rehabilitation work. We're working closely with our collaborators IWRC, the Wildlife Division and Agricultural Department (MPRT) in our wildlife rescue and rehabilitation efforts.

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3. PHASE III: Report & Rescue - ACTIVE

Using the tools we have, BruWILD is currently with the Wildlife Division in its effort to release wildlife back to its natural habitat. 

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