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BruWILD's Save Our Ocean project explores various ways to address marine related issues such as mitigating marine debris problems, sea turtle conservation, combating climate change, plastic waste pollution, etc. We achieve this through educational campaigns and collaborative projects with local NGOs, government institutions and private sectors. 

Our actions towards Saving Our Ocean also include promoting the use of recycled plastics goods, or reusables.  

Tiny Heroes of Our Sea

Tiny Heroes of Our Sea Documentary


Commemorating World Ocean Day 2019, BruWILD with a team of passionate marine conservationists (@Ourseasourlegacy) and with the support of & DHI Water & Environment, produced the first micro-documentary titled Tiny Heroes of Our Sea. 

The message is simple: Every organism, regardless how small, is significant in maintaining and sustaining  our entire marine ecosystem. Just as how every tiny, everyday action by individuals can play a big role in conserving our oceans and environment.



One of the major threats and issues facing our marine ecosystem is the immense load of plastic wastes. Plastics are durable  and have very long shelf-life. Most of them take many hundreds of years to decompose. Plastics have many strengths and should be used wisely; using them once and throw away is simply not the way! One of the ways we can reduce plastic wastes is to replace plastic takeaway boxes, plastic cutlery, etc. that are often used only once to reusables!

BruWILD is working with in creating change for the ocean! Reminding shoppers to THINK before BUY and to practice smart shopping are some of the ways we can act to reduce consumption and pressure on our environment. 

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